You wake up and reach for your phone. You turn on your data and wait until the notifications pop up: emails, messages, replies… ping ping ping.

You’re back at home and your phone’s at 10%. You reach your charger and put it beside your bed, but the cord’s too short to continue using it so you lay there… Busy. Busy. Busy.

If these scenarios resonate with you, I implore you to keep reading. Hugely inspired from Ezra Klein’s podcast titled Your attention is being hijacked. Chris Bailey can help, I explore the issues of ‘busy work’. Busy work explains that an individual can be so engrossed in their work, but its value has very little to it. I identify that mobile devices contribute largely to this. It is increasingly difficult to remove this habit because we bring it everywhere.

How much attentiveness do we give to our smartphones? Specifically, are we truly aware with what we do with our mobile devices? Do we truly understand its consequences, both good and bad?

Warning: Low Battery will look into 2 main themes: productivity and smartphones. With those 2 combined, it reveals a conflicting issue that digital natives face today: looking busy. We need to think of our own attention when using mobile devices. More importantly, to think for ourselves.

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